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Sci-Tech Division Open House

By Stephanie Strobel

The Sci-Tech Division stood out during Division Open-house following the Opening Reception at the ATA Annual Conference. The Sci-Tech Division table featured a creative construction toy “Super Marbleworks Raceway Construction Set.” It was well received by members of the division and particularly appreciated by out-going president, Nick Hartman, who said, “This is why I plan to become very involved in the Sci-Tech Division. These are my people!”

Why did a construction toy strike such a chord? Could it be Joy of Technology? Perhaps “Marbleworks” is the embodiment of technical translation. Technical translation is creative writing and it’s active. Buildings go up; a hole goes into the ground; equipment is taken apart or reassembled; the page is displayed or a message is sent. Once the “Marbleworks” raceway is built, the marble “goes round and round and comes out there.” Understanding of gravity and momentum guide the construction. It’s very satisfying the way gravity works to create the fun. It’s also very satisfying to see the way our knowledge of science and technology makes things happen.

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