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This podcast is for you, fellow science and technology translators and interpreters, and everyone out there interested in what we translators and interpreters do.

Host Valeria Verona chats with colleagues working in the science and technology fields about their work, challenges facing the T&I industry, and other interesting tidbits about themselves, you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Members of the scientific community and technical experts will tell us about their work and provide us with a deeper understanding of the science and technology fields we are working in.

Are you a SciTech translator or interpreter, member of the scientific community or technical expert and would like to be interviewed? Let’s talk!

We’d also love your feedback, or suggestions for future episodes. Let’s hear it!

You can reach the podcast team at ATASciTechPodcast@gmail.com.

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Episode 5 – Translating new technologies—translating the future

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Dean Evans

Welcome to Episode 5 of SciTech Translated.
In this episode, Valeria chats with Dean Evans about

  • how he got started in patent translation
  • specialization within patent translation
  • his work as a patent translator
  • AI—danger or tool?
  • the digital revolution

Lastly, Dean lets the cat (err…puppy—he doesn’t have a cat) out of the bag on what he does when he is not crafting spot-on patent translations.

Enjoy the show!

Dean Evans, MITI, is an English translator and editor based in South East England. Working from German, Spanish and French, he specializes in patents, with a particular focus on patent litigation and mechanical and electrical engineering. He is the coordinator of the ITI’s French Network and a member of the ITI’s Professional Development Committee. You can find him online on LinkedIn or via his website.

Episode 4 – Wearing a different hat: From legal translator to interpreter in the construction industry

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Welcome to Episode 4 of SciTech Translated.
In this episode Magdalena Parol talks about her journey from studying law in Dublin and being a legal translator to being a successful translator/interpreter in the male-dominated construction field. She shares her insight on the challenges interpreters have to overcome at site meetings.
As Matthew Schlecht put it:
“It’s interesting to me to hear about the business from a woman’s perspective…Also interesting to learn about the mechanics and experiences of technical translation (and associated queries/answers) between two non-English languages, in this case Polish and Korean.”

Magdalena Parol is the managing director of BPL Language Services, a company providing top-notch technical and legal translations, and the team leader of the translation department at a company that implements a major construction project in Poland. She has been an English to/from Polish translator and interpreter for nearly 20 years. She is a sworn translator accredited by the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Episode 3 – From 13,000 ft. above sea level to 3,000 ft. below ground—not your ordinary interpreting assignment

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Pedro Valdez and Sadot Marquez
Welcome to Episode 3 of SciTech Translated.
Pedro Valdez and Sadot Marquez, veteran translators and interpreters for the mining sector in South America veteran translators and interpreters for the mining sector in South America will introduce you to the work and life of a mining industry interpreter.
Make sure to turn off your messaging apps—you don’t want to miss even a minute of their stories about
• the ups and downs of the mining industry in Peru;
• camp life at the mine;
• working underground;
• women in the mining sector; and
• other opportunities in this exciting field.

Plus a sneak peek into their upcoming presentation at ATA64 in Miami!

Pedro Valdez is one of the founders of TISOL, a Peruvian company with an international presence that serves the mining, construction and oil and gas industries. His professional journey started more than 15 years ago when he was recruited as translator for one of the oldest and largest polymetallic mines in Peru, the Cerro de Pasco Mine. Since then, he has been employed in a series of progressively senior roles for several mining projects in Central and South America. He currently serves as head of investor relations for Minera IRL Limited, a public company that operates two gold projects in Peru.

Sadot Marquez is a Peruvian certified professional translator and interpreter and one of the founders of TISOL, a linguistic services hub and provider of world-class mining and heavy-industry companies operating in Peru and the Latin American region. He has more than 15 years of experience in technical translation and interpreting in mining, oil and gas, construction, engineering, and other related industries.

Episode 2 – Sarah Silva: From working with elemental metals to working with words

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Sarah Silva
Welcome to Episode 2 of SciTech Translated.
Today, host Valeria chats with Sarah Silva about
• how a personal quest turned into helping fellow translators find more joy in market themselves,
• the Aha moment that led her to transition from working with elemental metals to a working with words,
• key aspects of specializing in translating for the chemical industry,
• the impact having children had on her freelancing career, balancing it all, and how her clients responded, and
• setting healthy boundaries for your business.
Grab a cuppa, lean back and enjoy the show!

Sarah Silva (BSc. Hons., MA) is a German-English translator specializing in chemistry and is in her element talking food chemistry, paints, coatings, and creative marketing for translators and interpreters. Since 2008 she has been helping her clients – research institutes, publishers and manufacturers in the food ingredient and coatings industries – increase their international impact and market presence. Sarah has also been helping translators embark on adventures in marketing since 2019. She sends a weekly email with practical tips and inspiration to make it easier and more enjoyable to market your business. https://www.chemicaltranslator.com/ https://www.businesstranslated.com/

Pilot Episode – Meet the Podcast Team

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Welcome to the pilot episode of SciTechTranslated, ATA’s Science &Technology Division podcast for translators and interpreters. Today you meet the podcast team as Argentine certified, technical and scientific translator Valeria Verona (host) chats with medical, technical and scientific translator/writer Patricia Fonseca (podcast pre-production) and patent and technical translator Heike Holthaus (podcast post-production), and learn a little about our vision and purpose. We hope you join us in this journey of professional insights, networking, and some fun, too. Welcome on board!