Conference Materials

ATA64 (2024), Miami, FL

“Mining 101: The Basics for Every Translator and Interpreter” by Sadot Márquez & Pedro Valdez.  View PDF

“Messenger RNA Vaccines” by Tapani Ronni.  View PDF

“Chemical Names, Chemical Structures — What’s a Translator to Do?” by Matthew Schlecht.  View PDF

ATA63 (2023), Los Angeles, LA

“Confessions of an MT Post-Editor” by Matthew Schlecht.  View PDF

ATA62 (2022), Minnesota, MN

“Poly-what? A Translator’s Guide to Polymer Science” by Matthew Schlecht.  View PDF

ATA61 (2020), Virtual

“Beautiful Translations: Foundations for the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry” by Karen Tkaczyk.  View PDF  |  View handouts (PDF)

“Patently Useful: Insider Knowledge Gathered from PAtent Attorneys” by Evelyn Yang Garland. View PDF

ATA60 (2019), Palm Springs, CA

“50 Years Beyond the Giant Leap: Spacecraft Navigation from Apollo to the 21st Century,” by Stephen Volante. View PDF  |  View list of resources

“Doing Good Work: A Path to Success as an Independent Translator,” by Nicholas Hartmann. View PDF

“Genetic Engineering of Humans,” by Tapani Ronni. View PDF

ATA59 (2018), New Orleans, LA

“Introduction to Neural Machine Translation,” by Carola F. Berger. View PDF

“Genetically Enhanced Cancer Therapies,” by Tapani Ronni. View PDF

“Get the Pest, Spare the Rest,” by Matthew Schlecht. View PDF

“Patent Translation for Liberal Arts Majors,” by Evelyn Yang Garland and Aaron Hebenstreit. View PDF

“Patents: From Draft to Grant and Tackling Terminological Nightmares,” by Heike Holthaus, Nadine Edwards, Nicholas Hartmann, and Karen Tkaczyk. View PDF  |  View resources

ATA58 (2017), Washington DC

“A Drop in the Ocean? Strategies and Technologies to Conserve Water for Current and Future Generations,” by Abigail Dahlberg. View PDF

“Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks,” by Carola F. Berger. View PDF

“Keeping Up with a Moving Target: Environmental Terminology” by Martina Burkert. View PDF

“Ribonucleic Acid Interference: from Lab to Bedside,” by Tapani Ronni. View PDF

When a Christmas Tree is Not Really a Christmas Tree,” by Patricia McGrory. View PDF

ATA57 (2016), San Francisco, CA

“CRISPR Gene Editing: From Tailored Gene Therapy to Species Engineering,” by Tapani Ronni. View PDF

English for Environmental Content – Working with NGOs and Financial/Multilateral Institutions,” by Melissa Harkin. View PDF

“Helping You Communicate Better – Beyond Navigation Established and Emerging Satellite Applications,” by Karl Pfeiffer. View PDF

“Translating Henri Poincaré,” by Bruce Popp. View PDF

What Goes There? The Inception and Development of Chemical Regulatory Legislation, by Matthew Schlecht. View PDF

ATA56 (2015), Miami, FL

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies: Illegal Money or a New Global Payment Option,” by Carola F. Berger. View PDF

How to Read and Translate Risk and Safety Vernacular Phrases in Technical Texts,” by Matthew Schlecht. View PDF

“Risk Analysis for Medical Devices,” by Joanne Archambault. View PDF

“Vaccines: Past, Present, and Future,” by Tapani Roni. View PDF

“Voyage to Antarctica: Translating the Environment,” by Ana Salotti. View PDF

ATA55 (2014), Chicago, IL

“Chromatography for Technical Translators,” by Matthew Schlecht. View PDF

“Grannies, Freds and LSD: A Non-Pedestrian Introduction to Bicycles,” by Carola F. Berger. View PDF

“Terminology in Integrated Circuits and Semiconductor Manufacturing,” by Di Wu. View PDF

ATA54 (2013), San Antonio, TX

“Going All-In,” by Christos Floros. View PDF

“Achieving a Synthesis: How Scientific/Technical Translation Resembles and Differs from Organic Chemical Synthesis,” by Matthew Schlecht. View PDF

ATA53 (2012), San Diego, CA

“Chemistry for Dummies,” by Val Ivonica (in Portuguese). View PDF

“The “God Particle,” Dark Matter, Black Holes, and All That,” by Carola F. Berger. View PDF

Caution: Graphic Images/Explicit Views,” by Stephanie Delozier Strobel and João Roque Dias. View PDF

“Basic Concepts of Pharmacology in Drug Development,” by Bob Lyon. View PDF

Drugs of Abuse: A Pharmacological Perspective,” by Bob Lyon. View PDF

Terminology for Presentations,” by Bob Lyon. View PDF