June 2014

by Mery Molenaar

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Christiane Feldmann-Leben will be a distinguished speaker at the ATA’s 55th Annual Conference in Chicago. Her presentations are entitled:

  • An Introduction to Nanomaterials: From Synthesis to Applications
  • From an Oil Economy to a Hydrogen Economy: An Introduction to Fuel Cells

Join the ongoing discussions on our blog [https://ata-sci-tech.blogspot.com/]! We have posted two new articles:

  • “How Not To Attend a Professional Conference”, by Amy Lesiewicz
  • “Why I Have a Minimum Charge in my Rate Structure”, by Matthew Schlecht

Thank you to those of you who have sent us ideas for a social event in Chicago. We are still in the planning stages and could use your help! If interested, please contact Karen Tkaczyk at karen[at]mcmillantranslation[dot]com.

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