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Annual Meeting Minutes

by Amy Lesiewicz
Thursday, November 5, 2015
NOTE: These and other Annual Meeting minutes can also be found in the Resources section of this website.
Division Administrator Karen Tkaczyk called the meeting to order at 12:31 p.m. The agenda was presented and accepted.
The Leadership Council was introduced to the audience. Those present were Karen Tkaczyk (administrator), Alicja Yarborough (assistant administrator), Amy Lesiewicz (blog editor), Lebzy González (LinkedIn moderator), and Carola Berger (Facebook group moderator). Other leadership council members who were not present were Stephanie Strobel, Matthew Schlecht (Yahoo list co-moderator), Petra Schweitzer (Yahoo list co-moderator), and Iryna Ashby (webmaster).
Abigail Dahlberg of the nominating committee thanked Lebzy González and Carola Berger for agreeing to run for administrator and assistant administrator, respectively. As no objections or additions had been received, they were elected by acclamation.
Lebzy González thanked outgoing administrator Karen Tkaczyk and outgoing assistant administrator Alicja Yarborough for their contributions to the division.
A goal for the coming year is to increase engagement, so anyone who is interested in getting involved should contact Lebzy or Carola. Lebzy also encouraged attendees to spread the word to other people who might be interested. Specific needs are:
  • Website administration
  • Social media administration
Amy Lesiewicz reported on the blog. If anybody is interested in blogging, Amy is happy to provide instruction and publish articles. Any blog submissions are proofread by Amy and then passed to the ATA editor for review prior to publication. All changes are cleared with the author before publication.
Next year’s ATA conference will be held in San Francisco, so attendees were encouraged to begin thinking about topics for sessions and ideas for distinguished speakers. Amy Lesiewicz mentioned that The Mythbusters are local to the San Francisco area, and Jamie Hyneman has a degree in Russian, so that could be a possibility for a distinguished speaker or field trip. Carola Berger mentioned Professor Uwe Bergmann of Stanford University, who uses x-rays to study old scrolls, as a possibility. She also mentioned that the Bay Area Science Festival will be happening at the same time and might offer possibilities for an outing.
Attendees then introduced themselves, stating their language pairs and areas of specialization.
Lebzy González announced that the Science and Technology Division dinner was full and that those attending should meet at 6:00 pm by the concierge desk. Handouts with division social media links were distributed, and the meeting was adjourned.
Minutes drafted by Nancy Leveson and approved by Lebzy González, Carola Berger, and Amy Lesiewicz.
Issued November 14, 2015

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