August 2020

by Science & Technology Division

Science & Technology Division News

As you may have heard via communications from ATA Headquarters, the annual ATA conference, ATA61, October 21-24, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts, will now be entirely virtual. Registration for the conference will open in August. Please stay tuned for further information on virtual division-related events and watch the ATA61 website for updates.

On July 9th, S&TD Administrator Carola Berger held a webinar on scams affecting language professionals. ATA Headquarters has now made this webinar available for free on demand.

There is also a Q&A with some of the interesting questions answered.

The now virtual format of the conference necessitated that some sessions that were already accepted be moved to the waitlist. We know that at least some of the previously accepted sessions in the science and technology track have now been waitlisted. However, there is now the possibility that the Science and Technology Division can host webinars outside of the conference. If you know that you won’t be presenting at ATA61, but would be interested in presenting a S&TD webinar at some other time, please let us know at Also, if you have an idea for such a webinar or would like to see a science & technology presentation (that was not recorded at the conference) at a previous conference as a webinar, please contact us as well!

Finally, if you have an idea to contribute to our blog, let our blog editors know!

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