April 2016

by Mery Molenaar

The preliminary website for ATA57 is now online! Plan now to attend in San Francisco, California, November 2-5, 2016, along with 1,800 attendees from more than 60 countries, go to www.atanet.org/conf/2016/. Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals—it looks like the S&TD track will have some excellent presentations. We will be posting updates about the conference program as they become available.

Have you seen the new ATA Antitrust Compliance Policy? Be sure to read the Commentary attached to the policy; it contains helpful background information and some practical examples.

ATA has revitalized its YouTube channel! It now contains all free webinars, such as Jonathan Hine’s “How to Price Your Work and Stay on Top of Your Business.” Take a look around at https://bit.ly/ChannelATA.

Have you read our blog lately? We welcome posts on items related to scientific and technical translation.

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