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November 2016

by Mery Molenaar

Thank you to everyone who attended our division events during ATA57! The division held a reception, its Annual Meeting, and a networking dinner during the conference. Over 30 members attended our Annual Meeting, which included a round of member introductions and several announcements:

  • We would like to publish reviews of the S&TD presentations on the blog. If you are interested in writing one, please contact us ASAP at divisionS_TD@atanet.org.
  • The 2017 Nominating Committee will be formed by Patricia Thickstun and Steve Marzuola, who will have a full year to select candidates for the 2017 S&TD elections. Questions about the nominating process should be sent directly to the Committee.
  • Patrick Weill will replace Amy Lesiewicz as Lead Blog Editor. We are still looking for additional volunteers to help Patrick as Assistant Blog Editors. Many thanks to Amy for her hard work as Lead Blog Editor over the past three years.
  • Karen Tkaczyk will be stepping down from the S&TD Leadership Council to join the ATA Board (congratulations, Karen!), so we are looking for one or two volunteers to manage the division’s Twitter account. Many thanks to Karen for her continued support of the division after serving as Administrator for four years.

As in recent years, all 40 seats for our networking dinner were sold out well before the conference. Many thanks to Nancy Levenson and Mery Molenaar for organizing this popular event!

It is not too early to plan for next year’s conference! If you have guest speaker or field trip suggestions, or if you would like to help us plan next year’s dinner, please let us know. Guest speakers need to be invited by January 2017.

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