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December 2016

by Mery Molenaar

Do you have any Guest Speaker ideas for ATA58? Proposals for Guest Speakers will be due in early January, so now is the time to email us at divisionS_TD@atanet.org.

Our new Blog Editor, Patrick Weill, has posted three new articles on the blog:

  • “Review of Tapani Ronni’s Session on CRISPR at the ATA 57th Annual Conference,” by Brooke A. Cochran
  • “Review of the Lecture Given at ATA 57 by the S&T Division’s Guest Speaker, Dr. Carl Haber: ‘Seeing Voices: Using Light to Restore and Preserve Early Recorded Sound’,” by Patrick Weill
  • “Introducing: New Blog Editor,” by Patrick Weill

New contributors to the blog are always welcome! Please contact Patrick with your ideas at pbw@weillandassociates.com . Looking for ATA57 presentations? We have uploaded slides from five presentations to the section Resources > Conference Materials on our website:

  • “CRISPR Gene Editing: From Tailored Gene Therapy to Species Engineering,” by Tapani Ronni, PhD
  • “English for Environmental Content – Working with NGOs and Financial/Multilateral Institutions,” by Melissa Harkin
  • “Helping You Communicate Better – Beyond Navigation Established and Emerging Satellite Applications,” by Karl Pfeiffer, CT
  • “Translating Henri Poincaré,” by Bruce Popp, PhD
  • “What Goes There? The Inception and Development of Chemical Regulatory Legislation,” by Matthew Schlecht, PhD

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