The Collaboration Pool

It all started as an informal partnership with our friends at UNIVERSITAS Austria: the German – English Proofreading Pool. The idea was to create a list of translators from both sides of the Atlantic who may be looking for a proofreader or a partner to collaborate with on translation projects.

New location, new name, new rules

In October 2021, the Proofreading Pool was reinvented as a closed LinkedIn Group, and in October 2022, we figured it’s time for a new name. After-all, it’s not just about proofreading but about collaboration.

So here we have it: The German – English Translator Collaboration Pool.

And while we’re at it – why not create a little more clarity about what this pool is all about, who can join, how to join and how it works.

  • What

A group of colleagues among which you can find a proofreader or translator to work with on your English <> German translation project.

  • Who

Any member of the GLD, UNIVERISTAS and GerNet (the German Network of the ITI).

  • How to join

Simple: go to and request to join.

  • How it works

When you need a partner for your translation project, either for proofreading or for translation, you can

  1. Submit a post to the group with the details of your project. The post will go through a quick review by the administrator to make sure it’s in line with the rules.
  2. Contact individual members that best fit your requirement.

It goes without saying that everyone needs to decide for themselves whether a potential proofreader or translator has the requisite skills for a particular job.

  • What else?

 You received an inquiry but can’t take care of the project yourself? Let your colleagues know by posting about it in this group.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the German – English Translator Collaboration Pool, please contact Collaboration Pool Coordinator Heike Holthaus at