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German Language Division Professionals

The German Language Division (GLD), a language group within the prestigious American Translators Association (ATA), comprises a group of highly skilled translators and interpreters with German as either their source or target language (i.e., translating into or out of German from various other languages).

GLD members include a large number of professional translators and interpreters with an unrivaled depth of expertise across all industries and subject matters.

We are happy to provide you with multiple ways to find the right language professional from our diverse membership. Please see the various search options below.


Searching the American Translators Association (ATA) website allows you to narrow your search using multiple variables, such as location, language pairs, last name, native language, education, area of specialization, ATA certification, and more.


These dedicated professionals are adept at translating handwritten documents written in German script, a catch-all term encompassing various types of historically used German cursive writing styles.


These translators have indicated their ability to translate personal documents.

The Collaboration Pool

The Collaboration Pool (formerly the Proofreading Pool) is an informal partnership with our friends at UNIVERSITAS Austria. Together the two organizations have put together a list of translators on both sides of the Atlantic who may be looking for a proofreader or a partner to collaborate with on translation projects.