The History of the GLD

Have you ever wondered how the GLD came to be, and how it changed through the years? How interaktiv got its name? When the GLD went online?

When I became Webmaster in 2019, the previous Webmaster Jessica Lucio informed me the GLD History document on our website, written by previous Administrator Helge L. Gunther, only went as far as 2007, was in dire need of an update, and that Michael J. Engley, also a previous Administrator, had been working on it. He kindly provided me with his version, which went as far as 2016.

I embarked on the GLD History update project by interviewing numerous people about the GLD’s history, researching who had held which positions in the years since 2016, poring over previous issues of interaktiv and old blog posts on our website over the next several months, then finally updating the document and uploading it to our website.

I continued to update the names and positions as they changed during my time as Webmaster. When Administrator Carlie Sitzman stepped down in 2022, Assistant Administrator Karen Leube became Administrator and appointed me Assistant Administrator. Anyone who has encountered Karen, the recipient of the 2023 ATA Dynamo Award, can probably anticipate that numerous positive transformations transpired in the Division. As I added these to the GLD History, I realized it was time for a new structure.

While working on this project and witnessing the evolution of the GLD, I witnessed how very many individuals dedicated substantial time and effort, pouring their hearts into establishing, operating, and growing this Division over the past 26 years, transforming it into the incredible organization it is today. Hats off to every single one of them!

If you are aware of any additional information about the GLD History that is missing here, please let me know and I will be happy to add it.

Read the most recent version of the GLD History here.

(The GLD History document can also be found in the GLD Archive under Member Benefits/Mitgliedervorteile, Resources/Ressourcen.)