7 Questions for GLD Leadership Council Members: European Coordinator

Name: Ellen Yutzy Glebe

LC position: European Coordinator

Where are you originally from? Western North Carolina

Where do you currently live? Kassel, Germany

How did you become a translator/interpreter?

Although I did major in German in college and spent two semesters in Munich as an undergraduate, I did not anticipate pursuing a career in the field of translation. After I finished my doctoral studies at UC-Berkeley, however, I decided for personal reasons to make Germany my permanent home. My PhD is in early modern European history with a focus on the German Reformation and religious history, so transitioning to a career in the translation of academic texts and historical scholarship was a natural step. Thanks to my existing professional network and a few lucky breaks, I have always had enough work in this field to resist the temptation to cast my net much wider. My work is fairly evenly balanced at the moment between German-to-English translation and editing of English-language texts. Most of these are for publication as monographs or journal articles, but I also have a few museums among my regular clients.

What do you like about ATA?

Although we are spread out around the world, ATA manages to create some sense of community among its members. I’ve only been able to attend two annual conferences, but those experiences helped to inspire me in the first years of my career and to inform me about various aspects of the work we do. The email lists are a valuable resource, and some days it is just nice to know we are all out there at the wordface together.

Tell us about your position on the GLD Leadership Council.

Karen Leube asked me to take over the coordination of the ATA’s GLD Members in Europe group, perhaps not realizing that she was thus freeing herself up to take on much greater responsibilities for the GLD at large! 😉 The Members in Europe group has its own email list for questions pertaining to working and living in Germany (and other European countries), and it has organized an annual workshop for its members. These events are much different than the large conferences, but provide excellent opportunities to catch up with old friends, make new friends, exchange tips and ideas and experiences with treasured colleagues, and learn from expert speakers.