interaktiv Summer 2015 now available

Dear Readers,

The Summer 2015 edition of interaktiv is now available for download from the GLD website. Click here to download your own personal copy. (Find past issues here.)

In the last issue of interaktivWinter 2015 – we served up two takes on work and travel and I asked: “How many of us dream of taking full advantage of our freelancer freedom, trotting around the globe while keeping our clients happy along the way?” As I penned that very question, our colleague, Melissa Kostelecky, wasn’t simply dreaming of it, she was out there doing it! Read about her 1-year, 7-continent, 30-country odyssey on page 8 – then get to know the GLD globetrotter in this issue’s Translator in Profile on page 13.

After you return from this vicarious journey and suppress the nearly uncontrollable urge to plan your next vacation, leaf back to page 3 to get the “Word from” GLD Administrator, Michael Engley. If your immediate reaction to our Florida-based leader’s plug for the ATA’s 56th Annual Conference isn’t “Word, Michael, I’m there!” – then turn the page to the Conference Primer to see the list of German and those presented by GLD members followed by all the beta on the GLD’s annual networking event. While you’re at it, read Karen Leube’s latest (Translation) Notes from the Homeland to find out what’s been happening in the Old Country.

If you’ve already run out of summer reading, then you’re in luck. On page 10, we return to the shelves of the GLD Library and present a few of the book translations your colleagues have published recently. This is by far not an exhaustive list. The translators featured here answered a call on the GLD List in February of this year. If you’ve published a translation recently – or will in the near future – and would like to be included in a future issue, please drop me a line. And if you’re not on the GLD List, then you’re missing out! Find out why on page 14.

This issue’s dictionary review doesn’t require any shelf space. Antje Ruppert reviews the electronic version of Kucera’s Dictionary of Exact Science and Technology (EN>DE), which complements Joseph Schreiner’s review of the DE>EN dictionary published in the Winter 2015 issue of interaktiv.

Now there’s only one thing left to do before you run off to plan your round-the-world tour. Check out the calendar of events at the end of this issue. Who knows, maybe you can write off your international odyssey as well.

Happy reading!
Mit besten Grüßen aus Bonn

Matt Baird


A very special thank you to our contributing authors – Michael Engley, Karen Leube, Melissa Kostelecky, and Antje Ruppert.

And a big round of applause to Katrin Rippel for many hours she spent on design and layout. Special thanks also goes to my co-editor, Kim Scherer, our proofreader, Ute Kegel, as well as Michael Engley for coordinating the dictionary review and Susan Starling for compiling the calendar.