7 Questions for GLD Leadership Council Members: Consultant

At the Annual Meeting of All Members of ATA’s German Language Division, Administrator Karen Leube announced her appointment of two new consultants to the Leadership Council. In today’s post we introduce you to Consultant Megan Falk.

Name: Megan May Falk

LC position: Consultant

Where are you originally from? Maplewood, Minnesota

Where do you currently live? River Falls, Wisconsin

How did you become a translator/interpreter?

My grandpa spoke German, which inspired me to start learning it in high school. When I began my undergraduate degree, I was uncertain what to study, but eventually decided to double major in German and Creative Writing. After college, I continued learning German independently and through the Germanic American Institute in Saint Paul, MN. In 2019, I took an intensive German course in Heidelberg, which helped me decide to continue my education further. In 2022, I was accepted into the TIS Program at UW-Milwaukee for German to English translation and will graduate in December 2023 with my Master’s in Translation.

What are your areas of specialization?

I specialize in historical/museum and environmental translations, including Kurrentschrift transcription and translation.

What do you like about ATA?

Being a member of the ATA is an enriching experience. It provides a platform for professional networking, connecting me with like-minded translators and interpreters and fostering valuable collaborations. ATA’s commitment to continuous learning offers access to a wealth of educational resources. ATA’s advocacy efforts, access to resources, and the supportive community it offers make it an essential part of my career, providing representation, support, and a sense of belonging within the dynamic world of language professionals.

Tell us about your position on the GLD Leadership Council.

I am a student consultant for the GLD. I hope my perspective as a student ATA member will benefit the division and the ATA.

Anything else you would like to share? (hobbies, interests, etc.)

I’m an avid reader of many genres; recently, I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi, historical fantasy, memoirs, and personal transformation/self-help books. I love to spend time outdoors, whether in the summer or winter, hiking, kayaking, swimming, ice skating, skiing, etc. I’m also a fan of live music and enjoy going to concerts.