GLD Administrator Karen Leube receives the Dynamo Award

GLD Administrator Karen Leube was honored with the Dynamo Award on Friday, October 27th during the Annual Awards Presentation at ATA’s 64th annual conference in Miami.

“The ATA Dynamo Award recognizes a person or entity that has worked in a particularly energetic way to benefit ATA and/or the language professions.”

I can’t think of anyone more fitting to be honored with this award. The above definition of the Dynamo Award fits Karen to a T. You might think her incredible efforts since unexpectedly taking over the position of GLD Administrator earlier than planned are what caught the eye of the Awards Committee, but Karen has been making a major impact on our profession for many years.

Along with her freelance and in-house translation activities, Karen has taught translation at various universities and offered other forms of translator training such as her “Anatomy for Translators” series, she has shared her knowledge by presenting at numerous conferences, and she has continued to create networks and networking opportunities for translators. Karen was the founder of the GLD in Europe group, which offers GLD members in Europe an opportunity to network and attend educational sessions at its annual winter workshop. She was the group’s coordinator for 10 years, taking it from an informal gathering at Wiesbaden train station to a professional weekend-long workshop including peer sessions, a guest speaker, and a social program. As part of her focus on bringing translators together, Karen also arranges meet-ups between GLD members wherever she goes.

She offers encouragement to other translators, both newbies and veteran translators alike, helping them see their potential. In her role as GLD Administrator, she has proven her knack for detecting the talents of Division members and has put together a great Leadership Council. Karen does not shy away from asking the uncomfortable questions and works hard to find solutions that help everyone. When she sees a problem, regardless of whether it has to do with the GLD, ATA, our profession – you name it, she tackles it. When it became apparent that a lot of T&I professionals in the GLD were struggling due to MT, she immediately proposed a professional forum for the conference, investing time and effort to conduct a survey beforehand as well. She not only has great ideas of her own, but she is also a fixer. I have personally witnessed her bring together someone with a problem and the person with the solution in seconds. Anyone who has seen her in action will agree: She is indeed a dynamo!

Karen’s ATA work is not limited to the GLD; she is also a member of other divisions and is a Consultant on the Language Technology Division’s Leadership Council. She is very active in communicating with other ATA divisions to see how we can all help each other, and the GLD and its members benefit greatly from her efforts.

There is not enough room to go into everything Karen has done and is doing for our association and our profession, but for anyone who doesn’t know her yet, I hope these words have provided some insight into this amazing person.

Congratulations, Karen, on a well-deserved award!

Robin Limmeroth
GLD Assistant Administrator, on behalf of the GLD Leadership Council