Preserving History: The German Language Division’s List of Handwritten Document Translators

Photo courtesy of Claudi Thompson
[Photo courtesy of GLD member Claudi Thompson]

The German Language Division of the American Translators Association plays a crucial role in bridging the past with the present by maintaining a list of specialized translators. These dedicated professionals are adept at translating handwritten documents written in German script, a catch-all term that encompasses various types of historically used German cursive writing styles.

For years, this vital resource was expertly administered by Ann Sherwin, a seasoned translator who ensured the list was comprehensive and accessible. Her dedication proved to be an invaluable help to those seeking to decipher historical documents, personal letters, and other handwritten texts from German-speaking regions.

In 2023, Nathan Wiegand took over the administration of this important list. Nathan strives to continue the high standards set by his predecessor. Under his guidance, the list remains a vital tool for anyone needing accurate translations of handwritten German documents, preserving the nuances and authenticity of the original texts.

For historians, genealogists, or simply someone interested in uncovering personal history, the German Language Division’s list of translators is an essential resource for accessing the rich tapestry of documents written in German script.

[You can find a link to the list of Handwritten Document Translators on this webpage or by selecting Find a Translator/Interpreter, Historical Document Translators from the GLD homepage.]