The Company They Keep: A Guide for German-English Translators

GLD’s own Robin Bonthrone is giving a preconference seminar at this year’s ATA Annual Conference: Wednesday, November 6 from 9 AM to 12 PM.

This seminar will focus on the concepts, terminology, and related issues surrounding German company forms, corporate organization, and corporate governance. The speaker will explain many of the abbreviations and acronyms used, from the simple “BGB-Gesellschaft,” through the EK, OHG, and main types of limited partnerships (including the “& Co. KG” and the KGaA), down to the various forms of Corporation (GmBH, AG, SE). The speaker will examine aspects of company organization, especially the governing bodies (“Organe”) of corporations, including the implementation of shareholder meetings and other aspects of corporate governance and intracompany agreements.

For more information about the 54th annual  conference of the American Translators Association, check out the preliminary program here: