Newsletter: 25th Anniversary of the GLD

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The theme of this issue is the 25th Anniversary of the GLD. We hope you enjoy journeying into the past and seeing how far the GLD has come since its founding days.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:

  • An update from our GLD Administrator, Carlie Sitzman
  • (Translation) Notes from the Homeland from our European Coordinator, Ellen Yutzy Glebe
  • ATA 62 Conference Recap by Petra Rieker
  • Minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting
  • Interviews and recaps of the last 25 years from some of the GLD’s founding members and early administrators
  • A review of the Dictionary of Accounting and Financial Reporting (IAS/IFRS and German GAAP) by Bettina Stoke-Borchert
  • And much more!

Happy reading!

Marion Rhodes, Editor-in-Chief

Melissa Kostelecky, Co-Editor



Thanks to our contributors: Carlie Sitzman, Ellen Yutzy Glebe, Petra Rieker, Gerhard Preisser, Pavitra Baxi, Claudia Kellersch, Frieda Ruppaner-Lind, Ruth Boggs, Ann McFarlane, and Robin Bonthrone.

A huge Thank You to:  Daniela Radivo-Harder, for her hard work as always on designing this newsletter. Thank you also to our copy editors Ivonne Reichard-Novak, Annett Kuester, and Sabine Seiler; and to our proofreaders, Ute KegelKim Scherer, Jill R. Sommer, and Erin Riddle; Rosalie Henke, our book review coordinator; and Stella Waltemade, who keeps us updated on all the important T&I events happening around the world!

Thank you all!

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In addition, we are looking for:

Proofreading Pool Coordinator: After going unfilled for a year, we’re looking for someone to help start this position back up as a LinkedIn group. Contact Carlie Sitzman for details.
 We’d love to bring an interviewer on board—someone who would interview a GLD member from time to time (1-2 times a year!) and prepare the Q/A for print.
Bloggers:  Thinking of starting a blog? Use this opportunity to practice! Already have a blog? We’d be happy to reprint relevant content. Or draft posts for our audience and reprint them on your blog! Some posts will be reprinted in interaktiv.

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